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My Bio

I am a retired Army Nurse Corps Lieutenant Colonel. While on active duty I was a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. While stationed in Berlin, West Germany, my husband and I bought our first rottweiler, a male we named Chief.

Dog aggressive, I started formal training with him when we moved to Maryland. Chief earned his AKC Companion Dog title, Canine Good Citizen certification, and Therapy Dog International certification and was the first rottweiler to become a therapy dog for Fidos for Freedom, a service/therapy dog organization based in Laurel, Maryland. It was watching these wonderful dogs help others that inspired my desire to train dogs. It is still the foundation for the type of training I do today.

I went on to train and title Daisy, Tae, and Mace, all rottweilers. I have also owned and trained German Shepherds, a Doberman, and one terrifying Silky Terrier.

While my training style has been shaped by many great instructors it is the dogs, themselves, that have taught me the most.

I have trained, taken seminars, camps or workshops with the following individuals:

Margot Woods
Diane Bauman
Anne Marie Silverton
Debbie Zappia
Patricia Pray
Elaine Swancer
Betsy Scapicchio
Ed Presnall
Jane Jackson
Connie Cleveland
Bridget Carlsen
Ian Dunbar
Fred Hulme

I am a member of the following clubs:

American Rottweiler Club
German Pinscher Club of America
Pennsylvania-New York Australian Shepherd Club
American Belgian Malinois Club

I have written articles for the ARK newsletter,
the American Rottweiler Club’s publication, Rottweiler Quarterly,
and The Pinscher Press, the German Pinscher Club of America newsletter.